Argon Apps

What is Argon Apps?

Argon Apps is the cloud hosting solution for your custom business web application developed by Argon Systems.

Normally when you get a web app developed you can get your IT department to host it internally, or you can sign up to Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS and get it hosted there.

If you require cloud hosting and ongoing support for the app we build for you, then we can offer that service through Argon Apps. This means that you only have to deal with a single company for all of your development, maintenance and hosting services. We provide an end to end comprehensive tailored solution for companies in Brisbane and across Australia.

How will I access my custom web application?

Your application can be accessed at

Do I have to use Argon Apps to host my web application?

No – you are free to choose your own hosting platform for your web application developed by Argon Systems.


Want to know more about business web apps?

Argon Systems can develop a custom web application for your unique business requirements. Access a central database anytime, from anywhere, and from any device through a secure web browser and our Argon Apps hosting platform.

Whatever your data needs, we can provide that bespoke solution which gives you greater data visualisation, better productivity and is scalable as you grow.

Find out how a custom web app can help your business.

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