Business Intelligence Reporting & Dashboards

Custom web-based business intelligence reporting

Are you ready to transform the way you use and see your data? There is a smarter, quicker way you can compile your monthly reports, measure performance and track revenue, staff, stock or services. When off-the-shelf software can’t do everything it needs to, we can provide a tailored solution to meet even the most complex reporting requirements. Integrate multiple data systems within your business in real-time and pave the way for transformational web-based business intelligence reporting and analysis. Argon Systems can develop a bespoke database interfaced by an easy-to-use and efficient custom web application. This allows us to custom-build a reporting and analysis solution which delivers the answers you need.


Interactive Dashboards

A functional and aesthetic interactive dashboard in a responsive design helps you access your data anytime, anywhere. The dashboard is a sortable, filterable solution to allow you to drill down for deeper insight on business performance. You can visualise your data by time, geography, product or service. You can also automate report generation – reducing workload and saving you valuable time. A consistent format and layout reduces user error, with the ability to assign or block certain functionality to specific users as required. Get unique and specific data visualisation tools for management, departments, and individuals.

With one touch, you can run:

Monthly management reports

Active To-Do Lists

Operational reports

Strategic Reports

Exception reports

Export data for additional ad-hoc analysis.

Why a bespoke solution?

Whilst many off the shelf data systems perform their operational duties very well, their reporting capabilities (if any) are often more of an afterthought, or minimal at best. Currently, extracting the information you really need may be a costly manual task, or be in the ‘too hard basket’. In this way, a custom business intelligence reporting solution can be the tipping point for company growth.

When you want the edge that comes from comprehensive tracking and analysing of KPI’s, or simply more tailored data visualisation, then a custom solution will provide it. This can give you a deeper insight into your business and bring more educated decision making to the fore.

What data do you need?

The best way to determine your reporting needs is simply to write down the questions you need answers to. We can then design the reports to bring you the answers.

Make a time for an obligation-free discussion with our data consultant to drill down on your requirements, and see what can be achieved with a tailored approach to your business intelligence reporting and dashboards.





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