Clients and how we help them

Argon Systems have provided customised data solutions for a wide range of industries from Engineering to Recruitment, Finance, Transport and more. Our work has produced tangible benefits for many businesses. Our clients range from small business through to large companies, and dedicated divisions in those companies. We have developed recruitment tools for reporting on ATS, contract generation software and other custom database solutions with bespoke functionality to suit that client’s specific requirements.


Customised problem solving

Most clients approach us with problems which need solving in these key areas:

  • Workflow and productivity
  • Dashboards, reporting and data visualisation
  • Data migration to a modern and scalable system
  • System access from any device anywhere anytime

At Argon Systems, we understand that a one size fits all software product can rarely meet all of your requirements. We develop a unique solution to your problems using custom-built databases and web applications.

Below are some businesses that can attest to the improved productivity that can be achieved by partnering with Argon Systems.

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We service clients in Brisbane and remotely throughout Australia.