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Are you struggling to manage your data? Or are you simply looking for a faster way to streamline your workflow? Your business can be more productive by implementing a custom database solution. Argon Systems data consultants have decades of experience in database development for some of Australia’s largest companies. We understand your business requirements and can work with you to design and develop a tailored solution to your data needs which is scalable as your business grows.


Our database solutions include

Bespoke system architecture

Multiple user access levels with user and error logs.

Single Source of Truth

Easy maintenance of lookup tables.

Integration with existing systems

Importation of your existing data

Create a Database from Excel Spreadsheets

At some stage, most businesses have kept track of their data in a spreadsheet. This is not a bad thing – as long as it does not outgrow its capabilities. Everyone is familiar with Excel and when starting off, it is a great tool to layout your data. But when you need to share and report on that data, or when your volume of data grows, it is probably time to migrate to a database system. A database system provides a central point for administering user access and maintaining lookup tables. We can create a database from your Excel Spreadsheet, creating a single source of truth for your data.

A database system keeps all of your data in the one location and allows multiple users to access and edit this single source of truth.

Should I Choose Microsoft Access or SQL Server Database?

Access Databases can work well up to a point. However, there is a finite number of people who can use an Access Database system, and a limit on the amount of data it can store. If your business is growing, it makes sense to look for a scalable system. A SQL Database provides this scope for growth. As well, Access Databases do not have the same capabilities for sharing and mobility that a SQL Database has. SQL provides a better performing database, allowing tailored reporting and more complex data requirements.

Argon Systems can migrate your current Excel spreadsheet systems or your Access database into a SQL Server database. Our customised database solutions can also integrate the existing systems and software you currently use. This can provide a reporting functionality which you may have never had before if you’ve worked with multiple separate systems. If you’re looking to get the edge on productivity and more insight into your business performance, then this is your ideal data solution.

Find out how we can develop a responsive, shareable and reportable interface to your new database through a custom web application.




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