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We develop business web applications for your custom data and reporting needs

Argon Systems create web applications. We build a custom database, and then develop a web application to act as an interface for that database, resulting in superior data management and reporting.

When we see the term ‘web app’ we often think of an IOS application for sale in the app store. But the type of apps Argon Systems develop are custom-made web-based applications which are built for business use.

They allow you to automate, integrate and report on your business data faster and better than ever before.


Here are some of the many benefits of using web applications to access and share your data.

Accessible from any device anywhere, anytime.

On premises or online solutions.

Responsive layout to suit multiple screen sizes.

Cloud based system no IT network required.

Scalable as you grow

No reliance on specific operating system/desktop apps.

How web-based applications work for your business

A web application stores the data in a database either on-premises or in the cloud and is accessed via a web browser. The use of web-based applications for business reduces the need to ensure all users are on the same version of Excel, Access or desktop operating system. This can save you money on costly system and software upgrades.

If you choose a cloud-based solution, it also means your business can be incredibly fluid and accommodate remote data access and input from any location and any device. Our modern web applications employ a “responsive” design which means that the page automatically adjusts to suit the screen resolution, resulting in an attractive and practical application on any device. A cloud-based system allows you to safely access your data in real-time, so you can stay connected. You don’t need internal servers, as your data is hosted in a secure cloud application. All you need to access your customised system is a web browser and an internet connection.

Importantly, a cloud application means you can enter data or generate reports on a responsive screen from a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. This allows your business to be extremely mobile.

Practical and scalable.

From a practical standpoint, a web app eliminates lots of paperwork, enforces a single source of truth and allows data to be shared and reported on through a customised dashboard interface. Employers can easily restrict access to components of the system for different employees, whilst all using the same system and same version.

Cloud based applications are very scalable, meaning that you can expand your system performance very quickly as your business grows. You can also easily wind it back if you are having a quiet period. The big benefit is that you only pay for what you use.

With a web app, you can tailor business reporting in new and exciting ways, promoting growth and accountability within your organisation.

See the types of reporting and analytics we can generate with a web-based application.

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What is Argon Apps?

​If you need web application development and hosting, Argon Apps can offer you the complete solution to your data needs.

Watch our video on how Argon Apps can benefit your business, and see more about how web application hosting works.

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